Pocket PC Books FAQ

Whats is all this about?

A growing collection of free Ebooks to read on your pocket PC. Thats about it really.
The original source material, public domain texts (mostly from Project Gutenberg) are edited & converted into ebook format which can be read on a pocketPC.

How do I read the ebooks on this site?

As all of the books here are in Microsoft Reader (.lit) ebook format you will need to download and install Microsoft Reader on your pocketPC. If you need more information regarding Microsoft Reader you can find it here. Otherwise click here to download the reader directly.

How many books do you have?

Not enough! I’ll be uploading to the site more ebooks as often as possible.
You can see a list of the most recent ebooks on the right.

What can I do with these books?

Apart from reading them?
Well, all the ebooks which have been created can be copied and given away freely.
Basically, as long as the ebooks remain unaltered they can be used for most non-commercial purposes.
I’ve placed all the books under a creative commons licence (at the bottom) if you need more details.